Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everyday Soup

From the lofty arrogance above it appeared opaque. If one were to dip ones toe in from there, anything but. Few acknowledge that on which their identity floats. By design, it does not confuse 'us' with its operations since our conscious capacity to manage complexity is constrained far more than we like to admit.

So, to dawn goggles, and breathing apparatus and take a dip is an exhilarating experience, that is if one has an open mind. To map onto the network what is observed below the mysterious surface is a large part of the mission. If the caretaker does not even know what she is hiding, how can the driven warrior know? Only by entering. Preserve the mystery, it is salient to the message.

Looking back on the academic efforts to more fully understand, was nearly laughable now. Meaning no disrespect. It is, after all, easy to build something consistent but incorrect (try limiting considered observations - a simple example).

Because his hardware is old but experienced, her methodology appears nearly frantic on first blush. Building a bridge, surely one of the best, to that potential from seasoned experience and back is critical path stuff, he decided.

She fidgeted, he plodded. And both care … deeply.

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