Saturday, March 12, 2011

Identity Code

"Maybe this idea for a project will make it a bit clearer. Because the central story is decades old and ongoing it will have meaning to at least two if not three generations.

I like home.
"Identity defined mathematically comes with some baggage so I suspect we should seek something with fewer strings. As the story arch suggests, the long quest to define it is indicative of the vast scope of the subject."

The ready laugh was encouraging. Unlike this man's exemplary skill that he admired so much, it was generically affirming. When the purpose is to seek purpose, conversation rules. Or it should. But I may be wrong.

So, how might we have better conversations? With the support of tools of the communication variety, I suspect.

"Somewhere in the mess in here (my toolbox) is something really cool I just have to show you. Give me a minute, I will find it. I used it just the other day. Wow, is this thing still in here?

"My attention is easily diverted so if you think you have something to say that is more important, just start talking. I like listening to you. You are my friend."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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