Sunday, July 3, 2011

Accountability Begins

Wrongful Practice Solution
"The accountability begins. Our support for each other is what gives this declaration clout. As we better understand how to harvest network effects, a promising ember will grow into warmth we can only have faintly imagined just a short while ago."

Gather all data. Cost to do so is inconsequential. Potential value, very large. Like best practices in a recording studio - do as much in post-production as appropriate, defer as many options as possible by employing the most robust recording means available.

Friendly is accountable too. For obvious reasons. A commitment to accuracy and completeness in shared understanding serves synergy best.

Testing for such conditions early establishes a productive interaction. A delay leaves room for error.

"Is there a mechanism for recovering conflict resolution expense? Is it adequate? Does the framework fairly support each participant? These are reasonable questions, are they not? Especially, in the context of the historical record."

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