Sunday, July 10, 2011

Theft by Deception

It lives!
"It is really rather simple. As we have pointed out, bad guys pay better. This has worked because people in the destruction business can get a lot of bang for their (often ill-gotten) buck. Spend it on hiring a few of the short-sighted self-serving and pay them well. Employ the gravity (vertical) control model disclosed in detail in this log.

"The method works until a critical mass of 'destructees' discovers and implements an effective countermeasure. It is our intention to discuss a workable plan here.

"Radical wealth disparity of the type we are experiencing depends on a passive majority. There are at least two major explanations for this - lack of ability and an illusion of futility. Those at the top would like the rest to believe this to be an intractable situation - 'it is just reality'.

"Common sense however says, no. The situation only appears futile and when one knows where to look resources abound to achieve a more equitable arrangement. Looking to history there are many examples when social disparity has been corrected by mass action.

"Unfortunately, many suffer greatly before the predators are controlled in a given cycle.  I am guessing that need not be the case this time. Let me tell you why ..."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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