Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wired Kitchen Table

They fit together, naturally.
"It seems to me the real breakthrough came when kitchen table warriors acted on their discovery of the new potential for influence. The simple organic conversation method - easily implemented, easily sustained."

Getting to intuitive, connecting with the engaged, requires a bit of preparation. Creating space for belief is step one. To override competing noise, a quiet conversation.

Step two. Share to arrive at what is fundamentally right. And three, connect quickly with a wider context. Repeat as needed.

Leadership is required to create the conditions for efficient propagation. Keep in mind, all are capable but few believe (in their capacity to lead).

The Deception Machine relies on this statistic and will go to great lengths to maintain the perception of futility. That energy can be redirected surreptitiously to fuel a growth in the confidence of small interacting communities.

If it is true that 'people are stupid' why should the deceivers spend so much on hiding from those being told such? The victims are more likely to blindly accept such a notion if they do not connect it to an agenda. Fear has a way of masking the truth. We are, after all, abstraction engines vulnerable to insufficiently vetted assumptions.

When the natural ability to organize is cultivated, mountains are moved just so. Incidentally, collaborative resourcefulness is how our species survived, Prudence. So absent a rendezvous at your place, I will literally see you (as you will see me) online. Our technology friend will come along and take notes. As time passes the machine becomes more life like (and one, if not the, best of our best tools.)

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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