Monday, July 4, 2011

New Plan

"Looking at it that way one would gather that nation-state conflicts and competition for large global markets are really but a subset of a bigger picture. Further, they and it are based on mass perceptions that may or may not track well-reasoned probability."

Its All About Me
"Robustly defined, friendly vs. non-friendly seems a better global descriptor providing a useful gradient in understanding contemporary issues."

"It sounds trite and yet on deeper thought, profound and subtle. Often that a person has not had a recent application for considering what friendly means beyond quick reactive feeling."

Lacking confidence in something that is not-CONSCIOUSLY understood, but readily available. Right here, right now but hidden from view. The bridge to awareness is built with sincere smiles of those one knows. The eyes look out, not in. And with them ones true identity is revealed in those of trusted others.

"Messaging itself has fallen into disrepute. So often used for clever deception, the concept of carefully prepared transmission of an idea has lost credibility. Putting care into assembling a message, a good thing. Using similar diligence to deceive, not so much.

"The former could be classified as friendly, while the latter not-so-friendly."

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