Friday, July 8, 2011

Chase Chase

"One wonders what 'discovery' costs as a percentage of legal expenses in certain cases."

"I've heard that automation is starting to impact the lawyering industry. Seems to me that legal research and large volumes of accessible online data are a big component of conflict resolution."

Uncommon Justice
"A class of obfuscation techniques used to overwhelm the smaller player in asymmetric contractual relationships."

The many facets of 'communications' strategy. If one defines communications to include that which is not 'fair' (however it might be defined) then what is the term that should be used if such is excluded?

If it does not make sense to you it may be because you do not yet have the Rosetta briefing. If you do not know what that is, you have definitely not been briefed.

There is a certain confidence that attends a person of good will. It is a deception that such would necessarily be based on naïveté.

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