Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lost in DC

"Searching for broken, he got lost in a place far too public for its own good. Remembering from whence he came. Something did not feel right. A precursor to imminent catastrophe felt like it did."

Coin of the Realm
"Huh? Oh, coming from such an oasis part of the problem? Hopefully not."

The rules say the opposition can only 'field' the same number of players as we do any time during the game. What happens on the field of play while the clock is running determines the outcome.

The 'court' performance is not about the fans (at least directly). It is about the competition they are supporting and what they are about to observe.

One of the teams has discovered how to harvest manufactured rivalry (aka propaganda campaign) in general through a hidden relationship in and among its alumni supporters.

The hype media is financially successful when both teams and their audience counterparts spend heavily to use said media to appeal to their out-of-control childlike behaving base. Yet one team receives most of the benefit from the hype mechanism (see: media owner).

The venue of the contest has the advantage that it is already 'wired' to the world audience. Cost of 'coverage' of the, largely, scripted drama is low. It is so, in part, because the expensive end of the production chain is in one geographic location.

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