Monday, July 25, 2011

Fortress Cracks

"If the laundering list is long (yes, I did mean laundering) it won't fit in a sound bite or tweet. If we flood the medium with artificial noise, it will be difficult to detect a relatively long manipulative causal chain."

This now made sense. Countering the democratizing effects of brief message media without immediate detection. Obscure the command chain by making it long enough. Do so with as much deniability as possible at each link. Flood with noise to amplify the obscuration.

This led them to a conversation about 'reply' strategy.

"What happens if the 'noise station' is partially disabled? Will the medium be more capable of distributing the key."

"Only if it is accompanied by a concerted effort to make the short messages both cogent and succinct."

Just recently their 'radar' began showing fault lines in the dominate influence engine. Conflict between close business associates revealed inner workings of a formerly near impenetrable black box. By design, each of the functional blocks of the highly successful machine were not attracting competitive attention. Isolationist promotion and the techniques just outlined, helped keep the lights off, so-to-speak.

Transnational private, globalization, commoditization of information flow. A witches brew of trends serving a few being morphed into a humanizing blend supporting the many. How so and by whom?

"Understand the underlying mechanism of modern thought sharing. Using cutting-edge technology and connectivity play big parts, but the often overlooked aspect of such expertise is how the everyday person is, often unconsciously, adapting to the new 'visibility'.

"All this is happening whether we like it or not. If you have any inkling of the validity of this argument, you will see immediately why it will be important to help guide the trend's trajectory. Further, to use all available means (there are many) to help organize the relevant community."

"For this we have come."

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