Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FCPA, what's that?

"You can make a reasonable bet they are monitoring when I go to the bathroom.

"This whole plan hinges on me not knowing directly that they are watching."

"FCPA is effective when there is reasonable suspicion to justify a deeper look. If there is more to uncover, the actions of the suspect will tend to incriminate [them] by exposing what has been disguised as appropriately private. When, in fact, it is anything but."

"As I recall, the three legged stool was an adept informant, the law and the media. In this one, that would translate to what? Different media - faster, robustly interactive, instantly global. The law - behind the power curve again but not fatally so. And, thirdly, just how many of me are there?"

The context of a chief executive can help protect the entity he is charged with leading. Some practices work better than others. We are well aware of a few spectacular failures and probably less so of successes. Headlines seldom contain insightful depth.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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