Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Do They Say That?

... but he means well ... sort of.
"So, you are saying we should buy into the argument that people who have profited from crimes and misdemeanors causing widespread suffering have somehow earned the right to rule?"

"You have just been listening to lefties. What's a little spill here or there? Accidents happen. Most worthy people will be Ok."

"People in general are stupid. Thats why we have a representative government that is corrupt. So people smart enough to get away with stealing make the rules. What is not to like?"

Most people know better (about the stupid part), regarding themselves. But they look increasingly askance at the neighbors and friends and especially fellow citizens. Certain deep-pockets are delighted as a result.

Make no mistake, the big-owner propaganda machine is performing like few other weapon's of destruction ever have.

The solution is to pull the plug - at the source. If you think that plug is at the Australian born media mogul's house, you have been fooled again. There are some big hints there if you look though (think, Bohemian Grove, Rancho Mirage etc.)

With angry arm-chair experts wasting energy arguing with minions dragging down the effort to pinpoint the source, the task is difficult. But not impossible. Confronting Grover's employer is far more important to the mission than Grover or his silly agenda.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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