Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enigma, The Social Version

"Have you ever listened to something you did not want to? Perhaps on occasion you listened precisely because it was something you did not want to hear again … and again.

We are the same.
"One coping strategy, disable the medium that brought it to you. The downside of that approach is it can actually encourage the source of the manipulation by serving the hidden purpose of undermining competition for attention. Meanwhile the recipient is cutoff from the useful stuff too. Think about the how the privacy scare keeps you from deciding the issues you discuss with your neighbor.

"A counter-strategy suggests getting behind the battle line, so-to-speak. There is a reason Napoleon brought up the rear (I doubt it was because he was short.)

"The intent of unwelcome messaging is usually hidden from public view. The intent is usually self-serving and very transparently so when disclosed in a robustly functioning communications market."

Our artifacts march-on, the better ones progressing at an increasing rate. Maintaining rapport with them is a daunting but worthwhile task.

"Common sense is to think. What are the motives of those who claim otherwise?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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