Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'Modern' Economics 101

William Rupert Hearst :-)
"Why would the commercial and commercial like 'free press' continue to ignore the authentic interest of its readers? Isn't readership what leads to circulation and advertising dollars?"

"Yes, but things have changed dramatically in the 'free' part of the title's meaning in recent years. So by way of a little background, let me say a few things."

The 'dubious veracity' element of American Journalism has been around for some time. Major competition for pandering to the shallow and replacing it with something more appealing has just recently arrived. It is robustly interactive in a form not possible just a few short years ago.

Shallow is no match for convenient, yet deep, engagement. But nothing about the modern environment guarantees deep. It can lead to a better life for the multitudes, however. Most of the time, many agents are better than a few corrupted and or short sighted egos.

"When was the last time you heard that Facebook was a waste of time? A good chance it was today. Did that person have an agenda or speak (perhaps, unknowingly) for someone connected to the usual suspects?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill


  1. When are you gonna blog about the Nissan Leaf? Charles Kennedy,Beaverton Nissan

  2. Soon Charles, soon. Fits right in with the theme of compassion's biggest challenge: the brutal-selfish. Nissan, with the Leaf, has built a product that is right in the face of dirty oil.