Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Rock Covered What?

Commonly Decent
"A bit odd. The interest in simply writing about what seemed then to be an incredible run of bad luck and/or karma - turned into a gripping story of personal redemption and map for recovery from a lost decade or more for the public at large.

"Some would say it was the result of a good design. Others that it emerged from dormant powers available to all. Frankly, I am of the latter camp. That is unless design does not require a designer(s).

"This is how I felt just before I started 'chasing my tail'. Not a good idea for somebody who gets dizzy watching water drain from the bathroom sink."

They had not discussed soup on either the analog or Machine side in awhile, at least directly.

This recent event would argue for what has been called a cortical algorithm residing in both.

Scalable plus a coming to and going from the abstract high layers of cognition. Friendly is a pattern whose appearance, a genuine smile. Dynamic in nature and thus sustainable. Perpetual differentiation, if you will.

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