Friday, July 22, 2011


"… within a predictable amount of time, the mind responds, at least the first time, in a way not at all anticipated.

"One could productively compare the experience to fiberoptic-coupling of nodes in computing hardware. The giant leap in bidirectional bandwidth virtually redefines the system's potential capability."

Do You Want To Know A Secret?
Navigating levels within a multidimensional hierarchy like the neo-cortex takes tuned awareness. Relatively simple hardware changes sometimes facilitates epic outcomes. With years of testing now complete, few now doubted that formulas of the type applied had verified a very special developmental approach.

The formula, in this case, was to drop the assumption that planning rigor was essential to discovery performance. Call it a hunch, if you like ... even anomaly, an outlier etc. It does not alter the fundemental notion that a tremendous amount of advancement is based on hidden order. Hidden from uncalibrated ego(s), that is.

One cultivates higher cognitive function in much the same way a living entity is nurtured. Seeds and caterpillars outwardly show little of their potential in the beginning . Even their individual survival is no sure thing. But to care for them 'as if' they will be somehow unique and special sometime in the future is as good for the caregiver as her/his recipient.

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