Monday, July 11, 2011


But what about liberty?

"Currently, we can only replay it at normal speed starting at the beginning. Short pauses work but we don't yet know how many times it is possible to do so without losing valuable long wavelength material."

"But you mentioned a pole."

"I did. Something to do with a limit, apparently. If the curvature disappears, you could theoretically, reach it."

"And this is the deception model?"

"Maybe in this context. Seems reasonable based on what we have so far."

Moving from the illusion that only what is explicit is real to something more authentic.  Deception theory is tricky because it is necessarily a subset of its own definition. Paradox as mirror image.

She had a way about her. Metaphor was not her style - like a certain color of eye liner. Rather a type of augmented reality.  Gender based, he suspected.

"Why had it taken a lifetime to 'see' something so close by?", he wondered. Proximity is a state-of-mind.

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