Sunday, July 24, 2011

Free Speech for Citizens

"The assault on citizen access to free speech continues unabated (can you say lawsuit?) You know, the old fashioned kind of citizen, an individual human being.

Obtuse, Cryptic or Just Outpost?
But rapidly emerging is the Do It Yourself (DIY) spirit reminiscent of the '50s. Back then, customizing your car in the garage is what young people did.

Today, young folks are connected to each other like never before with something as easy to use as a telephone but far more functional (and it is a phone too!) What they make now is types of connections. It is the new way to impress or annoy their parents, as appropriate. Like generations before, they change the world, but do it faster now.

"You see, now there is an alternative to prime time, actual human contact even when distance and time intervene." The usual suspects would have us believe the new technology is in lieu of real human interaction. A measure of our suggestibility that we took that self-serving lie for so long.

Not at all attractive to those who have spent a great deal on maintaining control through traditional public distribution of information. Who'da thunk, 'intelligent mobs.' would obsolete all that covert work?

How long might we be impressed by polls that are bought and paid for by those intent on deception? Tax deception and our economy would right itself in very short order.

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