Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Something About A Leaf

"Its a car. So what? Its a mp3 player. So what?. Its a smartphone, so what? Its a graphic UI for an ancient OS, so what?

"Its a Leaf we will talk about. It was an iPod, iPhone and iMac. So what?"

The pundits talk about collections of technology as if they were enough to describe market successes of breakthrough products ("Microsoft tried that before, it didn't work").

Punditry can sell some advertising and appeal to some readers with too much time on their hands. As the stories played out, their writing seldom explained the why behind game-changing new products. Clever integration and implementation catering to a visceral  time-is-right feeling? A right to rid the burden of supporting what had gone before? We are about change. All of us. Welcome to life, Prudence

The Nissan Leaf appears to me to be in the special class just described. What follows is why I think so based on a test drive at a local dealership (ask for Charles at Beaverton Nissan) and 'liking' Nissan Leaf from my Facebook page.

It is fair to say, I have had a long interest in electric drive for transportation (a related invention was nearly five decades ago.) If it were not for the weight and price of energy storage (battery) we would not be buying gasoline powered automobiles now.

In my world view, there is unspoken pent-up demand for people who want to say good buy to selfish energy barons, toxic fossil fuel products, entitled owners, supporters of the 'real' religion and spend the saved resources on giving a great big hug and a better life to other compassionate people AND oneself.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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