Saturday, January 9, 2010

Above the Fray?

Condescension and pragmatism are best distinguished from each other. The "Ivory Tower" argument is about the failing of certain academic societal solutions. Better results come from those institutions that reach out beyond passive detached study (and whose methods are presumed to be sacrosanct). Instead, actually experience and record positive change while it is happening then abstract it in an open collaborative manor and share it with all.

Vetting authority continually is essential for life. This is because life is change. We codify successful methods so we can re-apply them. But as the data underneath is morphed by these formulas the methods themselves become obsolete. Continuos vetting, it seems to me, is composed of some essential elements. Chief among them is defining a life horizon that takes the inescapable obsolescence into account.

There are patterns that apply to the dynamic vetting in general. They include multiple layers of indirection and suffer from the "About what?" communications dilemma. But like so much in life, projects of great value are often difficult but worthwhile.

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