Friday, January 15, 2010

Solution Patterns?

Who is behind this thing we don't like? More often than not it is somebody with 'deep pockets'. So the wisdom of Deep Throat may apply here, "Follow the Money".

Bear with me a moment while I speculate. One of the clues of where to look is at those who vigorously point the finger of suspicion. I am thinking those who rage at lobbyists whose function is to influence government processes.

This process directs attention away from other money laundering channels. Take, for example, terrorism financing. By calling attention to Wall Streets secretive money changer methods, oil money can be used to support the very cost-effective, asymmetric war technique we call terrorism, without a lot of attention.

So, it seems to me, that behind the louder voices proclaiming injustice is a level of indirection, so to speak. Sponsors of an agenda. Further to be effective the sponsors need to remain anonymous so as not to call popular attention to there self-serving plan. To accomplish this, sponsors will often mask their real intention with an attention diverting mantra to be shouted in public to the cameras.

The patterns are decoy and anonymous sponsorship. Detecting these patterns seems advisable. The illumination pattern, turning the bright lights on while looking under the log of seeming intractactibility applies also.

A classic 'intel' operation. The magic new ingredient this time? Openness. Go Google.

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