Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There it was, right in front of them. A smoking gun of sorts. Evidence that some highly resourced party with a motive to 'acquire' assets at low cost using sophisticated tools and a vast network and doing so with a complete disregard for accepted norms of international property rights.

The capability that made the covert operation possible had many potential applications, including its own defense. And indeed, that was how this plan was first discovered. A deliberate effort to impair any who would expose the social price of its operation was inadvertently discovered.

Encouraging hyper-vigilence as a diversionary tactic served well for a number of decades. It worked well until a critical mass of highly motivated free-thinkers gave up active visibility in the mainstream and moved to the woods (so to speak). In existence for many decades to preserve accumulated knowledge through the predicted catastrophe, it became apparent that even it could not survive the new threat. It was, in a very tangible way, naive to assume that value could or would live apart from its living infrastructure.

With the advantage of hindsight the message's preamble became increasingly clear ...

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