Friday, January 22, 2010

What is Going On?

The frequency of this handle that, quite often, was associated with conflict was particularly noteworthy. It seemed to permeate all globally accessible communications regarding the executive function within the system.

Only when seeing it with the advanced graphic in the context of other base handles did it look anomalous. This handle, a verb, often but not always transitive. On the readout it looked like punctuation to an organic field with one important distinction, it pervaded the concept from its inception and was not visible until the rendering was virtually complete. Further, it did not reveal its role unless the observer knew to look.

Re-scanning the reports in light of the new discovery he could see how the unintended baggage of this handle or label was being propagated along with its more useful dynamic adaptable meaning.

How large a roll did this hitchhiker of sorts play in the counterproductive wrangling of the usual dissemination channels? He still felt a bit of residual resentment at how unpleasant the inter-personal dynamic had been the last time they discussed their differences. Baggage too, he suspected. Welcome to the new opportunity, he chucked to himself and then smiled at the prospect of making things better soon.

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