Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sun After The Storm

The day after the red alert. What have we learned? Which patterns were involved? How do those patterns help our understanding of the mission in the message?

He looked at the list of questions and unlike just the day before when the metaphorical gunfire was virtually continuous, the words came easily.

The lesson of the cells working in concert with no direct connection to the abstraction center was simple. Redundancy and adaptation were remarkably adept at overcoming outdated 'auto-pilot' routines.

The age of these useful patterns meant that they had been tested in real life many times over. Recalling how the concept of faith had been co-opted by short-sighted interests, he felt the steady hand of a nurturing entity and heard her words, "Lets not throw out the baby with the bath water".

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  1. This old guy says something to the effect that each of us has an evil streak ... Ok, but my evil streak is not as bad as hers.

    It is characteristic of them and their beliefs that they are more evil. I checked with myself on this and I am convinced that what I think is absolutely true ... except when I make a mistake. Because this is so important ... to me, this is NO mistake. I'll bring a gun, follow me.

    Or NOT.