Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On the Wings of Intention

Again, he looked at the data accumulated at the last summit. He now knew that letting his mind wonder was not a failure of discipline. In fact, there was an aspect to the project that required it. When this could happen in collaboration at some future date held great promise. He began the now familiar journey to a subtle plane ...

Open the dark book and let it consume you and in a reasonable period of time, close it with the same effort. Inside there is a mysterious power that permeates everything in its wake. A dark cave at the bottom of a barren valley that seems to radiate the power to end meaning. What or who should go there? Surely nothing and no one of value? Perhaps it is just a bottomless pit where less useful things can be discarded with nary a second thought?

Should anything be discarded with such abandon? Let me make a case that just such a thing not happen. Our ability to fully evaluate would necessarily entail a imaginary and productive capacity far beyond our wildest imaginings (today). Unwise to venture to a place of such absolutes?

Some ancient memes suggest there is no single ended transaction. That seeking such a transaction goes toward darkness or comes from there and is akin to a denial of value. So if one is to choose, would it not make sense to embrace the concept of circuity in all things? Or perhaps, only consider those phenomena that cycle?

I say yes, and I say so because it does away with the messy end effects. Create byzantine-like theories to accommodate yet another convenient 'universal' theory? Or do so because it has some mathematical appeal that appears timeless only to the degree that the theoretical beginning and/or ending are beyond current relevance?

He took a deep breath, these journeys were often both exhilarating and exhausting. Lately he had gotten used to the idea that he need not document them externally. Their value would be naturally, organically integrated with the project's discovery function.

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  1. He remembered a popular song from a turbulent time that was also his early adulthood. The lyric from it, "Oh Lord there must be a better way." seemed especially relevant. What was that song?