Friday, January 8, 2010

Bridge to where?

Not much question that time was running out. But that was always the case. Often that message implies that the time interval's end is imminent. Two problems that immediately came to mind 1) what is the meaning of imminent in this context? 2) how would one define the now-to-finish duration?

Clearly, the context was quite important here. Useful patterns, at times, employ multiple levels of indirection. Early on, she would frequently ask, "About what?". When that happened, he would be frustrated by the risk of changing the subject in an attempt to provide an example. But that indirection was hidden from conscious awareness and seldom communicated as a result.

Music and humor are bridges between detail on the one end and useful high level patterns on the other. His background as an on-air-talent in a time when an electronic medium was in a highly symbiotic relationship with popular music provided the clue. From it he got a visceral feel for 'high-bridge' connection.

One common word would connote the feeling well but the components of that abstraction could be re-used, he speculated. A feeling of revelation came over him. So this is what the context of the last decoded segment was about. The subtle meaning of the cloud's lining.

"I have got it."

"Are you sure."

"At least, something as significant."

"Good, lets tell the others"

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