Monday, January 25, 2010


"Inductive Discovery. Is this the one we have been working so hard on?", he asked himself. Several weeks of organizing a project with the explicit goal of not having one? Letting the news feeds and, more importantly, the backstories to them guide activities was a bit like setting sail for we knew not where.

Defining a protocol for inquiry a prescription for bias? If so, what in the world are we to do? Is doing the thing for which we came? The trite answer was no, we have come to live. And what exactly made that seem trivial? A paranoid burst of activity from an ego out of touch with its larger self? Don't tell anybody, I am pretty sure that is me too.

No wonder explaining meditation, faith, prayer et al. was so full of unpleasant stuff. The last thing the standard issue ego wants to hear is that it is not in control, that it is not the center of all that matters here and now.

But those boring, are-we-just-wasting time rituals were all about acceptance of the major paradox of consciousness, letting go is the source of liberation and therefore happiness?

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