Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We have been hit, Captain

Systems were shutting down intermittently. The fragile piping ruptured again accelerating the apparent damage. I say apparent because it was clear that, at times, what appeared to be happening was only a visualization of what could happen.

Hypervigilance was just as frightening as denial for the same reason. Both were a misapplication of predictive resources. The pattern repeated over and over and was remarkably capable of covering its tracks. This stealth capability was useful at times but its dependence on subordinating other functions proved costly. And now, too costly. As we might have heard on the starship, "the cloaking device uses too much energy for ..."

The crew was 'shell shocked'. It was not the first time, for from it. But this time, the urgency was not lost on him. Denial works only as long as it works. If the ship is going to sink its no longer relevant that the ship was designed not to do so.

Some ancient wisdom would have us believe that embracing the cycle is enlightenment. And this was the biggest test, according to most. Hands at the controls with light from the displays animating his stone rapt attenion, he sighed, "in theory ... in theory".

She put his hand on his shoulder and he suddenly realized he was not alone.

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  1. Another drill, stunningly realistic. Reliable sources with conflicting views kept the realism alive even as the tangible evidence faded. Predicting just short of manifestation came with some collateral effects - thinking, event horizon here.