Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ave Maria

Stumbling away from the console, his head swimming in the aftermath of the sensual assault, he breathed deep. An epiphany had transpired just as the ship's fuel was now critically low. To have taken such a risk under the circumstances required a faith far beyond what he had been able to muster only weeks before.

The day before yesterday, pushed beyond the reasoning threshold the systems were systematically shutting down. The circumstances so dire that emergency routines were executed to save what value the vehicle had generated since its deployment.

One would think that the foregoing summary was indicative of an end, of sorts. He was to find out quite the opposite was true in all respects that mattered. Made more vivid, perhaps necessarily so, by the stark terror that went just before.

He entered the air lock and pressed the button to speak, "Yes, yes ... every bit as significant". and confirmed the authenticity of the transmission with the usual code.


  1. and your point is??

  2. Very context dependent, anonymous. Thanks for asking.