Saturday, January 16, 2010


Before him a collection of snippets that were likely connected. But if so how they were connected was not apparent ... yet. Since many made reference to either a sequence based pattern or a representative scene they could not be considered an 'equal' class. The snippet icons lay on the table before him in a random pattern.

If the effort to abstract the snippets into icons had worked well, an underlying structure candidate might emerge by re-arranging them in two dimensions. If not, the information gleaned would likely shed light on how better to iconically represent them in the context of each other. Even the discovery that a simple structure was not underneath would be valuable to know now.

The insight from the songwriter he considered the poet laureate of modern music was relevant. It related to the issue of tension in relationship bridges when fusion was appropriate. If not, it seemed useful to view it that way.The undercurrent of communication between the genders was much more evident when it was just two and non-verbal. Architectures of an entirely different nature brought together for the purpose of continuity would likely be subject to an explicit uncertainty. On the more subtle plane though ...

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