Friday, January 8, 2010

Now What?

He knew he had something they wanted. The trouble was he did not know what it was. If they knew he did not know what it was, it seemed they would be less inclined to treat him as an equal. In fact he may be in real danger.

It was one thing to get in, it was an entirely a different thing, once in, to know how to navigate an environment likely to be hostile to an unexpected intruder. Even with the pall of uncertainty he felt confident this was the best decision, get inside and use the training to discover quickly how to proceed.

The training, or at least the subtle part of it, was about those omnipresent patterns. Calm in the face of uncertainty came from the ability to recognize applicable patterns quickly.

Once inside it was crucial to get high level attention. This was somewhat insured by the anomalous nature of the surprise entry itself. In more friendly environments it was often called the 'back door'. Perhaps a suitable metaphor here also, he thought.

The strategy he learned was engage in diplomatic discovery with a view to having his adversaries reveal detail that he could leverage without them knowing that was what was happening. He was, after all, on offense (Trojan Horse style).

"When will you give it to us?"

"First things first, was my arrival kept confidential?"

"Yes ... excuse me a moment". The guard stepped away as he busied himself with his handheld."

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