Sunday, January 10, 2010


This person's creative performance roots showing through again decades later, the serendipity seemed particularly fortuitous on this occasion. When the techniques used to create the elements for the aural medium were transparent the message entered unfettered by the metaphorical receptionist and security guard. The pattern was useful for all but the most unique incoming signals. And just because they were unique did not give them, necessarily, a value such as 'good' or 'bad'.

Many tracks, much potential and a chance at a good theme, maybe a very good theme. But the content much less the overarching meaning had yet to come into being. Should such powerful resources allocate bandwidth without a tightly defined goal? If there is anything the project had learned so far is that the tighter the definition (beyond a certain threshold) the less relevant to life it became.

It is the argument against over-specialization and open-ended incentives to go there. Many a blind spot arose from just such a causal chain. The economic meltdown of the first decade certainly answers that "About what?" question in this context.

Knowing that the mission would likely consume all the remaining fuel, he did not have the luxury of procrastination. Leadership was passing quickly between members and held out the hope that the ship's end-of-life would not extinguish the mission. The ship was his with all the implicit responsibility. It had a role to play.

"Another attack, regard it with the calm of reasoned motivation and urgency of the real thing. I will see you on the other side.". He explicitly closed the channel.

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