Sunday, January 31, 2010

I feel it, again.

Was it now possible to map the social intelligence era onto the engine? At the beginning of the project it was nearly impossible even to explicitly title these high level pieces. Each time they neared an appropriate label, it was preceded by a gut level feeling that new meaning was about to become available for understanding. This revelation, in turn, played a major role in building the imminent meaning detector that automatically called out pattern collections that were likely to be worthy of a title.

Meta-why, surely the most gratifying intellectual activity to date. The seeds seemed to just evolve rapidly out of the cognition aggregate. The nutrients were, primarily, active discussions supported by the best communications technology available at any given time. The synchronous field theory enjoying another life with the silicon extension now.

"When what we think becomes more consuming than what we think it with.", he whispered to himself. The personal executive had miraculously risen to every challenge put before it. But only when a critical mass of persons had the self-calibrating capacity to avoid most of the inevitable vulnerabilities of collaboration.

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