Saturday, January 2, 2010

When my heart ...

When my heart would no longer rhythmically beat to the whims of my ego, I was terrified. When my heart raced frantically out of that fear, I started dying, over and over. When my heart discovered its existence beyond fear, wisdom came calling. Wisdom from Tensin, from study of the science of human biology, from the subtle manifestations of heuristic action over millennia. Trust underlay everything that mattered and was obscured by an ego to full of itself.

As if that ancient trust has a mind of its own, it rose up. It grabbed my attention in a way I could not ignore. Looking into the face of anti-life with nothing more to lose, I said, "No. You have played your whole card and have nothing left. So, I choose to regard this as meaning and what I will do next as purpose. What can you do, kill me twice?"

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