Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sophisticated Obfuscation

Back very close to home, the political polarization in this country is so severe that the small minority in the political extremes have an asymmetrical power arrangement with regard to political influence. It is so efficient that even Facebook users (370million strong at last count) are easily manipulated by them such that fighting distracts consensus building. This even though the world's largest communications system is essentially non-partisan, secular, largely apolitical etc.

Who benefits? A small number of individuals in small groups cornering the world's free market. As the Klieg lights get closer and closer to their HQ their desperation goes critical. Secrecy and/or obfuscation are breaking down, quickly.

Take a look around at, say, the very deep pockets that brought you news fused with entertainment and manipulation. A belligerent totalitarian regime co-opting free markets and our very humanity. Bigots in the very deepest sense of the word. But like other nefarious parties putting on a very good show because they have been told by their sponsors that perception is as good as food to those they will let live.

Obfuscation has taken another major turn. Confuse the targeted audience by exploiting abstracted remembrances of terrors past. Clever, misinformation taken to a level not easily exposed by sound bite media. "Can the public media be bought?", they ask in private. "Can our largest client's paranoia be exploited again?"

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