Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is this when?

"In this visualization we can see this normally covert technique exposed. Though the transition boundary between that which is hidden and that which hides is easy to visually detect, it is probably true we can choose the other dimensions in a more useful way.", she had stated matter-of-factly.

One could see that just rapid substitution and overlaying of other time based matrices might suggest a number of the alternatives to the two-dimension space vs. time in the example.

He was particularly enamored with frequency spectrum as one or more of the spare dimensions of late. The circular pattern of a life cycle seemed connected to natural continuity which in turn revealed the harmony of the free-will variety. Capable of highly optimized change sensitivity? It felt that way.

"Too abstract" he thought. A concrete example was in order. Take the coherent noise concept (for lack of a better name). If the creator of it could remain hidden it was conceivable that decoy vibrations in the form of visual and aural repetition could disrupt scrutiny. Accomplished by making the decoy similar to the target in a non-obvious way. Standard first-order counter-measure - reduce the data set to decoy plus target - start differentiating based on frequently occurring patterns in decoy scenarios.

Once again he was reminded of the time when she brought to his attention his propensity to apply a plausible pattern too soon. Was he doing that here? He would see her again tomorrow. Was that soon enough given the implicit deadline?

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