Friday, January 15, 2010

Me, change?

A freedom fighter and articulate warrior and a loose cannon. In the propaganda department the passion was a good thing, the loose cannon part was not overly relevant. The new task though was much different.

A compassionate guy quick to rationalize what others would consider inappropriate application of violence. Whoa, you say, how can he be compassionate if he could condone violence much less support it?

The risk is to go astray on the role of violence in a peace loving society in the generic sense. This is an issue that occupies much of the public's attention thanks to the current desperate state of global media. Violence in the protection of an innocent family member seems much more acceptable than murdering someone who disagrees with you.

What was at play for him in this regard was a very traumatic event at an earlier time that weighed heavy on his reasoning compass. Things he took as given turned upside down by the mass hysteria of the time coupled with the event that could not be closer to home. Like the magnetic interference that causes high level apps depending on a magnetometer to act in a very bizarre manner - the cell phone running a Feng Shui program.

Yet his potential contribution in this new realm was quite palpable. Self calibration seemed the most desirable pattern to bridge where he was to where he could really help. It was clear from his present passion and the need to seek meaning from the trauma of his past he wanted to.

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