Tuesday, January 26, 2010

High Wire Act

Blue splotches of varying size in a red field. The islands of blue surrounded by violet and/or brown halos. When layed out geographically it was immediately evident what they meant. This new and different layout had a strong intuitive attraction. The question was why.

Backing up a causal chain in a highly complex progression was always full of surprises. Meeting organizational resistance meant that someone or some group had gone this path before. Based on what they had learned so far, the pioneers apparently had made a conscious effort to cover their tracks. 

Once again he pulled up the list:

1) equal vs. meritorious
2) objects vs. subjects
3) concentrated vs. free range

Campaigning as governance, could they be combined? Do it to circumvent the viscosity of a system designed too long ago? Governance in this democratic republic is campaign of one type converted to another type at the conclusion of the current election.

The second type is much more vulnerable and capable now. Such is the impact of new communications modalities. Buying public opinion is offset by inexpensive transparency. Who has both the inclination and sufficient resources to hold a privately held communications infrastructure accountable?

When China's mercantilism (old formula, works well for awhile) and financial instrument manipulation conspired to tweak the natural balance, the freedom and empowerment of modern communications came to the rescue.

Encoded in each free-willed entity is the capacity to understand at a gut level things that will advance life. Such capacity is subordinated to the will to survive. Those who would manipulate have a vested interest in keeping some segment of the population below or near the survival threshold.

The next day's address has the potential to keep the dream alive. Like poles holding the wires of transformation they need to be close enough in time to keep them from touching the ground and short circuiting the hope the wire carries.

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