Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Friends smile.
Let me explain. The intention is to develop a rapport with the soup. It is much easier to do if one avoids the urge to look for precise, explicit meaning.  Practice occurs at the two conscious awareness edges, before and after wakefulness. It is better to regard the 'outside' or reality as a highly predictable Medium in this context.

The executive or ego chooses action based on inputs from its soup and/or from the Medium. The opportunity to robustly engage them both simultaneously is best in the transitions to and from the waking state. Motivation, clarity, confidence etc. are optimally addressed at these times.

Just recently, someone asked if the soup, residing in both 'inside' and 'outside' domains could be subject to the dangers of isolated selective rate modulation. Honestly, my first inclination is to say yes. And immediately the question comes to mind once again, who decides (if anyone).

This is precisely why we go to such great lengths to consider the idea of subjective motivation in addition to the strictly objective model even when it seems obvious which one should apply.


quantum noise ... or music
"One of the ways it could happen is that it simply mimics the behavior it detects in the Medium."

"You mean it just reacted to a … an emergent 'social wave'?"

"Something like that."

Emergent, pretty much still controversial. He fell off on the side of considering it reasonable. The Medium, in his view, was subject to much more than just passive data.  And this was true even after the autonomous confirmation event. The others had a good point though, the totality of natural language transacted did not lead one to believe emergence was possible.

You can use all the fancy dispassionate terms you want, it boils down to mean, nasty, selfish … even evil behavior.

Why does this feel so much like an allergy to a perfume on one of your favorite females? Because there is very predictable causal chain that can run without any conscious attention whatsoever.  Except for the occasional sneeze, upper respiratory congestion, and watering eyes that blinds an innocent man (sorry, it was getting personal).

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