Thursday, December 2, 2010

Start Up!

From three perspectives, a more robust combined view of the new agenda, (Mother) Nature, uncertainty, wisdom.

"She bets on people? What does that mean? I am guessing she recognizes that some valuable people don't understand when they are at their best and her specialty is facilitating self-awareness in such individuals."

God's best invention?
Emergence is a property of our universe. Change is inevitable. Making change better seems worthy of sentient intent. Communications is essential to collaborative aspirations in this area. Many can contribute but modalities like voice, text, visual, sound have been optimized to remarkable degree for such purpose.

A strong argument for compassion has been made for millennia. Recently we as a species have developed technology that can help accelerate compassion dramatically.

"In just over an hour we will have an opportunity to observe a snapshot sample of the people's voice. If successful, it will speak in opposition to the forces responsible for the nation's decline.

"Opposition to what? I suggest it is corruption. Perhaps, plutonomics. The US form of democracy has a centuries old mechanism, refined over the years, to deal with inevitable change and do so in a way that is fair - in some collective sense - to all."

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