Friday, September 10, 2010

Where Eagles Dare

"It came out of Bohemian Grove?"

"Yes, the list from a couple of years ago, the recording since."

"Have the voices been identified?"

"One, yes. The other we are having some difficulty with."

He stepped over to the window and peered out into the moist air. She knew he was conflicted about the meaning of the new data. Loud, this silence. Hi-level echo analysis is far more art than science. The first confirmed reflection came this morning, in the form of a short message that would hardly have been noticed before.

Plausible deniability an admission that their clever password distribution was just that, clever.  No guarantees. Where in relation to state-of-the-art privacy, a moving target. Do your best - cross your fingers.

She executed the auto-disclosure inhibit command.

"Can we verify without detection?"

"I don't know ... yet."

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