Tuesday, July 20, 2010


"Accordingly, we will attempt a lay but informed discussion of the machine process to observe its propagation."

"… right.", she said tongue in cheek as they all laughed.

Of course, the humor and patience, essential ingredients to these exercises they had discovered. The sub-system type occupied the higher organic levels. For purposes of this discussion, the messenger paradigm, more useful because of the large numbers of participants and the intra-entity transactions providing adequate visibility.

The noise of vast patterned data a fertile ground for stochastic techniques. Engaging agency gradually or expanding scope to take precedence? What then is the equivalent of linear acceleration in this context? Already they were nearing the "several dimension" optimum configuration.

As was often the case, his mind began to drift. Late in life, he discovered its silver lining. A ticket to ride in this robust intellectual environment. Best leading question, came from this space. Drift where? The view to the west along the river. The wavelength of information carrying energy critical to effective propagation distance. The damping factor in interdependence pivotal to self-adjusting filters.

Separating author and author's content, essential. Inviolable link between them, wise. Indexing their bridges, magic. Soup?

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