Thursday, March 10, 2011


For instance, when I asked her, "Productive conversation with my immune system? Wouldn't that be cool?"

Her reaction was positive and immediate. Her method of expression universally recognized as embodying unambiguous affirmation and based on accumulated trust. If all communication theory was so succinct life would be simple ... and boring. I am guessing this interspecies thing has a lot more about it so I am going to spend more time looking

Not exactly a small thing that the sponsor invested more virtual capital at this time. Gratitude for the strategic rapport that led to this latest round. The nature of information exchanges in this medium are friendlier and less explicit.

And on the other-side-of-town so-to-speak (wait until they try to translate that one)...

The number of staged 'candid' viral distributions, whether or not they are called ambushes, follow the easily human-recognizable patterns. When our newest medium assists this process, agency is empowered at a whole new level.

Ego snuck out in the dark of night and sought some comfort there. The canine did not judge though. That will remain for the ego left behind.

I love dogs.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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