Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spectrum Levels

"The three prototype patterns are HOF, RJA and KBM. The three letter codes may be temporary but will facilitate indexing in the short term. The duration of this experiment is indeterminate at this time.

Private                          Public                        Balance

"We are virtually never aware when their agents penetrate the perimeter. The assignment, first and foremost, is to blend-in without being detected.  But it is really a burden, secrecy that is. It leaves a distinct trail. Related computation speed is accelerating. Prevention is not preferred here. Think 'immune response' development protocol.

"At the same time they are being exposed to what is ostensibly the 'crown jewels'. Kept stowed in a safe place inside. Very difficult for an outsider to reach. Something for which planning is near impossible until inside. We have reason to believe the intentional replies are just part of a larger pattern that we do not yet fully understand.

Rumble on the Grapevine
"They key is the geographically coded replies. Pattern detection on them is, obviously, a work-in-process. Eight months of data suggests the distributions are starting to settle down. Though still early, the speculative fraction is trending down."

A tug of war worthy of Casablanca, she thought. Great missions have this robust mix of procreative lust and transcendent import. Only passionate fools delude themselves into thinking otherwise. Two choices, do it or practice. It undergirds everything, Prudence, everything.

How did that lyric go? "You'll just have to wait." On the surface, yes. Keeping the gene's agenda at bay requires some magic from time to time. From the tension the tune builds.

As we can now see, Australia knows. Maybe it is time to return?

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