Friday, March 25, 2011

Ownership Equality

As described earlier, the organization is accountable to each of its members equally. No single person enjoys more or less shareholder value from membership than any other member. The same applies to the management selection process. No member has more control of who manages the operations than any other.

If the by-laws (as amended) provide for a board consisting of say three (3) directors, each is popularly elected by the membership. Board representation does not happen without membership approval.

Payed operations personell from the chief executive on down are selected by a board that is exclusively accountable to the membership as a whole.

Augmented Change (=Life)
"I am beginning to see why we are proceeding without formal legal input."

"Yes, it is too early. The law or the interpretation of it should not constrain the spirit creating the organization. There is plenty of time for that later."

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