Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Trip

"Up on High and Gravity
Architecture of Imagination
Personal Mythology
Horizon of Scope
Geometry of Predicton

"I am not so sure they are necessarily in order or that the list is complete. It suggests that when the monitor was showing what we have been calling transitional noise something more was happening.", she turned to the audience to see the acknowledgement patterns and decided to drill down a bit.

"Lets take some specific examples.

"From the 'gravity is optional' perspective, the red vertical can be objectively evaluated for its efficacy in a variety of contexts. Piles can become clusters if that would be useful."

"The blue global sphere can be better understood as a collection of relatively local community planes perhaps bounded by horizon. Each community sees a different horizon. Further, horizons are gradients not truly edges as the appear.

"And conversation as sequences of trajectories."

Central Oregon: Its not what you think.
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