Wednesday, March 9, 2011

History Rhymes

"I woke up with an ear worm in my head.  But it wasn't really. Aural that is. But it did play tricks on my mind. And it seemed to be almost alive.

I *on't understand
As if on cue, I picked up the device near where I had been sleeping. There I read a disturbing missive in my semi-awake state. It was uncomfortably compelling.

"Its influence on my subsequent read of the morning headlines tended to confirm its central premise, that the order we have created is about to come crashing down once again. Only this time for good." Sometimes he felt comfortable sharing his innermost thoughts with abandon. Not quite there today but vulnerability did leak out, a good sign.

"Integrating over a sequence. Like it or not, much value lies in that which is not yet understood. Arguing about who understands is seldom a useful exercise. None understand completely, I suspect."

Next time, we'll add color.
"Disruptive is a description of when the designated authority is not conducting the distribution of memes? Sounds like a good thing to me. But I may be wrong."

The value of imagination communicated is that it transcends static expectation. The communications part, especially if it is interactive, acts as an effective relevance governor.

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