Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mutually Assured

"Think of it as a secret world war where none of the direct adversaries are nation-state governments.The livability of the planet may be at stake for the outcome. Not because it is a related objective but because it could be perceived as a better alternative than defeat. MAD isn't it?"

"Yes, that fits with the displayed patterns. Can we now abstract up again?", she asked. The language was still awkward, a natural hazard of venturing back on the causal chain. These plausible story lines had the ring of great novels. More at play than just enjoyment. But who would have guessed this?

Why weren't more folks pressing to know the ominous implications of this capability falling into the hands of those who could not be held to account? On reflection, he asked himself why he too was so late to the game. The answer, his and probably their attention was elsewhere. And in no small part guided by those in control of broadcast resources.

The new kid in town, Technology Assisted Conversation changed the calculus.  One could argue that this had been around in the form of the telephone network for over a century, though not anywhere near at the current scale.

"The gender factor, could that be it? Or perhaps Prime Directive?"

It is, of course, no accident. The timeless aspect of nature's job one. The subtle energy is far beyond anything they had reason to measure. That is, until now. The capacity to effectively self-analyze mass congition, a recent development.

A new semi-automatic look at the overlay of ego and reproduction maps ...

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