Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Those in the Know

"Vibrations from the beach, soundtrack of the revolution. At least that is what it sounds like from here."

Tar Sand Wise
Wisconsin labor-managment contest? How about cornering the energy market? Are there really mountains in Kansas, Mr Dylan sir? She might be tangled up in blue. But not the kind you first suspect.

RGWamsley sees the truth? Listen to your right.

If you are peering through a Wisconsin telescope backwards you will see thunder and a midwest twister that has a global and a bit creepy vibe. Easier to see from Chicago, just outside the bubble?

You do have to know what you are looking for: Think, Jasmine Revolution - North America.

Like Kansas, a first.
"We can get technical, though don't need to. As you look at this, think 'productive conversation'. This is the hoizontal or spherical blue plane to which we have been referring. It effectively counters the weaknesses of top-down command and control (vertical, red, gravity). Optimal is neither extreme, but where between the two?" Just as he pointed to the last graphic a system monitor notification signal interrupted.

She had been watching the machine display during the presentation and marveled how it seem to accompany his talk.  Rare that the machine would request attention during a time when its views were being summarized for the crew.

With a startled voice, the person explained his dilemma, "This is not what I saw earlier today. What happened? It doesn't seem fair."

"Things change. Get used to it." A matter-of-fact but respectful tone to her voice.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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