Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wire Tripped

"Since the beginning of March several suspicious events have occurred. Gaslighting?

"If you are reading this, know that I do not plan to be hiding in the coming weeks. Actually as you may have noticed from my writing, I am going the other direction, gradually exposing the investigation. Each time I venture into potential hiding places, there is some risk that the occupants will not be happy that I have entered and will take 'remedial' action.

The Stranger knows.
"I have been arguing this tack is worth the risk. First, because the tipping point opportunities are more likely to be where most folks would not look. Two, public disclosure mitigates risk."

The team had just realized that the competition seemed to be missing-in-action until just a few days ago. The hubs geographic dispersion helped to verify that the detection was not confined to the headquarters location. Fire drills can be dismissed by some as a waste of time. Conveniently, much easier for absentee managers to assert.

Covert Photons & Stuff
"Wiggle the fiber, it can tell you where it happened. Furthermore, you can get major general purpose bandwidth and hardly anyone will notice. Cloaking is a valuable covert skill. Ask management."

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