Sunday, March 27, 2011

Public Statement

"We have no interest in [exploiting that loophole at this time.]" A simple statement that allowed the visible folks on the front lines battling for fairness to take the secret bribe and disappear.

"Oh, please."
"If detection of crime is impeded, it might as well not be a crime in the first place. If law enforcement has been effectively sabotaged for a given class of crime, same thing. If the judicial process is somehow rigged … Well you get my drift." Not altogether unexpected, though a bit demoralizing. Checks and balances that were the envy of most were beginning to break. Seemed odd that the hope that the hemorrhaging would stop after an unprecedented election installed a chief with a clear mandate. Now, he seemed more a trojan horse than a savior a mere two and a half years later.

"Perhaps just one or a few people capable of programming to the APIs is all we need. For example, utomating trend searches would accelerate the unnamed pattern detection. Our primary collaborator has been infiltrated to such a degree that we cannot trust outsourcing to them for this."

"Pursuing criminals our best option then? If so, what obstacles need we overcome?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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